Présentations et ressources de la journée


# Introduction par AFD

Jerome Gruber - Directeur du Numérique & audio 

2017 afd intro transport artisanal et nume rique rsouirgi 12017 afd intro transport artisanal et nume rique rsouirgi 1 (1.34 Mo) & audio

Conférencier: Reda Souirgi Directeur adjoint - Division transport - Agence Française de Développement, Antoine Chèvre (Division transport - Agence Française de Développement)


Fabmob web

Fabrique des Mobilités

2017 fabrique des mobilite s 12017 fabrique des mobilite s 1 (1.54 Mo) & audio

Conférencier: Stéphane Schultz (Consultant Innovation / Numérique - fondateur 15 marches)


Map resize

Digital Matatus

2017 digitalmatatus paris2017 digitalmatatus paris (3.97 Mo) & audio

Conférenciers: Jacqueline Klopp (Chercheuse associée - Université de Columbia NYC), Sarah Williams (Professeur assistante & Directrice Civic Lab MIT Civic Data Design Project au MIT), Dr Peter Waiganjo (Professeur informatique - Université de Nairobi), Dr Daniel Orwa Ochien (Professeur Informatique - Université de Nairobi)

Black map tfc

Transport for Cairo

2017 transport for cairo2017 transport for cairo (9.95 Mo) & audio

Conférenciers: Mohamed Momtaz Hegazy (Génie urbain appliquée & informatique),  Abdelrahman Melegy (Expert SIG / Développeur / co fondateur), Islam Gaber (Expert SIG / Développeur / co fondateur) 

Image7 2

Accra Mobility

2017 accra mobility municipality of accra2017 accra mobility municipality of accra (1.86 Mo) & audio

Conférencier:  Alex Johnson (Directeur Département Transport -  Municipalité Accra) 

2017 accra mobility transitec2017 accra mobility transitec (2 Mo) & audio

Conférencier: Simon Saddier (Expert Transport - Transitec)

Capture d e cran 2017 11 13 a 18 41 53

Jungle Bus

2017 jungle bus2017 jungle bus (1.61 Mo) & audio

Conférencier:  Florian Lainez (Fondateur Jungle Bus - Vice Président OpenStreetMap France) 




Whereismytransport logo rgb 300dpi 3

# Inspiration picth start up et entreprises


2017 whereismytransport2017 whereismytransport (5.74 Mo) - conférencier Bianca Rysek 

Kisio digital 1


2017 navitia kisiodigital2017 navitia kisiodigital (3.84 Mo) - conférencier Bertrand Billoud 




2017 transit app and itd consortium2017 transit app and itd consortium (14.83 Mo) - conférencier Leo Frachet

Amarante 1


2017 amarante iticket afd 9nov20172017 amarante iticket afd 9nov2017 (1.18 Mo) - conférencier Yahya Elmir

Digital africa


2017 afd digital africa 22017 afd digital africa 2 (806.23 Ko) Le challenge Start Up de la Direction Numérique de l'AFD - conférencier Fabien Gicquelay

# Résultats des ateliersWhat benefits and potential improvements with digital for different stakeholders? 

  • Authorities point of view

Workshop authorities point of view


  • Passenger point of view


Workshop passengers point of view

  • Operators point of view

Workshop operators point of view


  • Tech companies point of view

Workshop tech point of view


# Ils en parlent

Open Data et transports : l’Afrique a tant à nous apprendre ! Ghislain Delabie 

" I think the workshop demonstrated a very important shift in thinking about the paratransit sector that is now taking hold: from ignoring or trying to eradicate it, to trying to find practical ways to make it better. Efforts to digitise aspects of the sector, such as those we worked through during the Friday session, can make a major contribution towards facilitating this shift in practice. This is true both for creating local/national political visibility for paratransit operations, and for dealing with specific paratransit service shortcomings. 


Even though AFD might not be able to dedicate significant funding towards digital activities in the paratransit space at this point, AFD is a well-known entity in the development space. By hosting a workshop on the topic of paratransit (and taking a constructive way while doing so), and by being willing to engage directly with actors in this space across a range of disciplines and locations, AFD demonstrated significant thought leadership. I believe that AFD’s involvement in this manner can leverage funding from other sources, whether AFD pursues such opportunities directly or whether it does so by association/collaboratively. 


From a workshop programme point of view I also commend your planning. The first day provided an overview of what is happening and what is possible, and started people thinking, and the format and attendance of the second day was also well-thought through. The latter was clear from how energetic the conversation became even at the end of a long day! It is also unusual for a workshop agenda to be set by the attendees, but it was very empowering that you chose to do so. I’ll certainly take the hint in my own work!


I really do thank you for extending an invitation to me attend both days, and I look forward to seeing how AFD’s involvement in this space can grow. 

ACET Research Officer
Centre for Transport Studies (CfTS)
University of Cape Town