Towards an Open & Collaborative Digital Data Platform to improve African Urban Public Transport

Conference Workshop 09th November 2017 at AFD Headquarter PARIS

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Given expected urban growth in Africa, the development of sustainable urban mobility policies is crucial to ensure efficient and “livable” cities. In most African cities, urban transport services are dominated by fragmented private operators, that provide a dynamic service for all, at no cost for the municipality, but with negative side impacts on congestion, pollution and road safety. We think that the challenge is not fight against paratransit operators but rather ensure transition of this sector toward optimized and inclusive mobility system. Digital technologies are a tremendous opportunity to deal with these multitude of operators and develop win-win scheme. Workshop held in Paris objective was to mobilize stakeholders (public authorities, start-ups, academics, etc.) around an open and collaborative toolbox using digital as leverage to enhance the overall transport network.

All materials are available on this website. 

Based on shared lesson with recent experiences and workshop enable to brainstorm on next steps for a digital approach enhancing paratransit mobility services. 

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